Tattoo Removal Manchester was created for one purpose:

To find the best tattoo removal method

Speaking from personal experience, having tattoos done at a young age when you think it is “cool” and follow the trend and are easily influenced by your peers is most of the time not the best decision that you can make. You are still growing as a person and you can still be “dyed in any ink” metaphorically speaking (pardon the pun). Such things like the type of music you listen to (as this has a close correlation with the people you hang around with) also play a part in your decision to have a tattoo.

These days a lot of emphasis is placed on the media and the celebrity culture that Britain seems to be developing. So when a celebrity starts a trend a lot of people tend to follow. We all after all like being accepted and being part of something. It brings unity and a community type attitude towards others in that same community. Just as people in uniform (e.g. police) treat others in uniform better than they would others without because of that feeling of community which all stems from being the same.

This is delving into the psyche of why somebody would want a tattoo and does not cover everybody as people are different and will have tattoos for their own individual reasons, some of which will be common and some of which won’t.

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Our Mission

Simply put is:

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Provide

Inform – This site is about information on the subject of tattoo removal, the methods available, which method is best for you and the costs involved. Information on the subject is usually the first entry point into the journey of getting rid of your tattoo.

Education – This is similar to information but differs on one aspect. It is what you do with the information provided and the choices you make that will determine the result you wish to achieve.

Provide – We are in contact with specialist tattoo removal clinics that provide a high quality professional tattoo removal service and we negotiate with them the price so that you can benefit by getting your tattoo removed at the best possible price.

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