What do Tattoo Removal Creams Contain

Hand creamTattoos are trendy and visually appealing, but the tattoo that you thought was cool or pretty in your late teens or early 20s may not be as attractive to you when you get older.

This is why tattoo removal creams were invented. There are a number of removal creams out there, so it’s important to learn a little about each brand before you go down the route of purchasing a tattoo removal cream.

Ingredients to Look Out For

If a tattoo removal cream contains TCA (TriChloroacetic Acid) or another form of acid, it’s best avoid it. The acid is likely strong enough to remove the tattoo from the skin, but can also leave a scar.

TCA also burns off a layer of skin, which can make the skin where the tattoo is very sensitive and painful. It’s also important to make sure the tattoo removal cream you’ve chosen doesn’t contain hydroquinone. This ingredient lightens the skin and helps tattoo colours to fade, but it can leave hyper-pigmented marks on the skin that it can be difficult to get rid of.

Safe Tattoo Removal Cream Brands

Unfortunately there are no safe tattoo removal creams that can completely remove a tattoo. This is because the tattoo pigments are in the Dermis part of the skin which is below the new skin producing layer. If this wasn’t the case, the tattoo would not be permanent and would eventually disappear as the layers of skin shed away.

Check out Yahoo Answers for people’s reviews on using tattoo removal creams.

Below is a list of tattoo removal creams containing natural ingredients that you can try, however we DO NOT recommend this as it is not as effective as laser tattoo removal is.

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Fadeplex is one of the tattoo removal creams that contains natural ingredients that will condition and soothe the skin while the tattoo is being removed. According to reviews, about 95% of users would recommend Fadeplex to others who are looking to remove their tattoos without laser surgery.

Tat-Med got 92% of votes from users who had tried the product. The cream doesn’t contain TCA or hydroquinone and is safe for all skin types. The product promises to yield results within 24 weeks, and contains serum-based products that are healthy for the skin. The cream is less than $50, and can even be shipped internationally.

Wrecking Balm is another popular tattoo removal cream that is filled with all-natural ingredients. You can find the cream both online and in select retail locations. However, it’s not usually safe or effective to use Wrecking Balm for tattoos that are 6 months old or newer.

The skin must be free of cracks, bruises or injuries before using the tattoo removal cream. Wrecking Balm is free of hydroquinone and TCA as well, and contains soothing ingredients like clove oil, aloe juice, cocoa seed butter and rosemary leaf oil.


Although these tattoo removal creams have good reviews on “independent” websites, we have found that these review websites are often owned by the tattoo removal cream companies and are a way of making you believe that they work very well when that is NOT the case.

Containing natural ingredients is great, (we are all for that) but it still doesn’t solve the problem that tattoo removal creams have, which is to actually get below the epidermis layer of the skin and break up the ink pigments located at the dermis layer.

Again, we emphasise that we DO NOT recommend tattoo removal creams as an effective method of permanently removing a tattoo from your body.

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